Business Marketing With Facebook

Business Marketing with Facebook can dramatically increase your sales. These days most businesses accept that part of doing business online means putting some time and energy into social network marketing. Facebook is one of the most popular online sites in the world, so it just make sense to market your business by creating a business page on Facebook. Millions of people spend at least thirty minutes a day on Facebook checking out pages and connecting with friends. If you’re using Facebook for Business Marketing you’re reaching your customers in a way that advertising can’t because you are connecting with them on a very personal level. Additionally, word of mouth can spread news, products, or other information like wildfire on Facebook which means you could reach thousands of potential customers with just one post.In order to start a Facebook page for your business you will need to have your own personal profile first, but you can easily set your profile to private so that all the focus is on the business. If you want to use Facebook to reach millions of potential customers for free here are some tips to doing it successfully:Post Often
Most people are on Facebook multiple times during the day, or are on for hours at a time. Keep posting so that your business stays at the top of their news feed. The more you post the more you will get noticed. However, it’s important to keep your posts relevant and useful and not just post to have something new on the page. With some trial and error you will be able to figure out what type of posts your fans respond to and which ones they don’t.Don’t Constantly Pitch
Facebook is all about personal connection, so don’t make every post a sales pitch. Link to your website and post about new products or sales but also post about things like why you choose that product, where the product is made, other uses for the product, how to take care of the product, and so on. There are lots of ways you can make your posts focuses on the business without constantly hawking the product itself. The more that the fans on your page feel connected to you the more likely they are to comment and to recommend your page to others.Use Multimedia
Facebook is a great platform for multimedia. Post photos as often as you can. Photos can be shared by your fans on their own pages, which will help get you more followers. Also use video whenever you can, although videos should be clever and relevant and not just advertising. Videos can easily go viral and result in hundreds of thousands of new fans for your page.Business Marketing with Facebook can significantly increase sales and can help you build a strong presence on the Web. But in order to successfully use Facebook for marketing you have to know the rules of marketing on Web 2.0.